Christina Estelle
Once upon a time, there was a very busy wife, mommy, and teacher who had no extra time on her hands so she decided to start a Slow Motion Video Booth business! She must be crazy! Around 9 years ago, after returning from a cruise, she discovered a video editing program on her computer and thought it might be nice to play around with it and attempt to make a video of her vacation! She was hooked! Ever since then she has been creating videos for friends, family members, work projects, and personal family videos! There is just something about putting all of your memories together in a creative way and adding music to it that makes people smile, laugh, and sometimes even cry. Around 6 months ago, she came across an article saying Slow Motion Booths were the newest trend in weddings and decided to check it out!  She immediately was sad she didn't get to do this same booth for her own wedding and started the process of contacting businesses aross the country to find out as much information as she needed to start her new adventure. She noticed no one in Fort Wayne or Indiana was providing these services so decided to jump on the opportunity to be the first and bring something fun, creative, and exciting to our city!


        A photograph of my husband and I. He will be joining me in this adventure as my assistant because it is fun to boss him around!

Photograph provided by Carrie Weaver Photography