What do you need to set-up the Slow Motion Photo Booth?

A 15 ft x 15 ft square space with nearby electrical outlets (if you have smaller space limitations please discuss with us. We are able to work in  smaller spaces, we just like to include a space for people to congregate in)

A 6-8 ft table, and 2 chairs.


Can we have you set-up the Slow Motion Photo Booth outdoors?

Our Slow Motion Photo Booth has sensitive electrical equipment. For best results and the safety of our equipment we typically only operate in indoor environments and other covered areas. Other outdoor venues may be approved if covering is supplied. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions about a venue/space in question.



Does the booth create a lot of mess?

Yes, that's part of the fun. You will need to discuss with your venue their clean-up policy and if props like confetti are allowed. If it is not allowed, we have PLENTY of props that that require no clean-up! You are always welcome to bring along props of your own too! (No silly string please as it stains the backdrop) If you have questions about the props we use or have special requests, just ask!



Does the rental time include set-up and breakdown?

No, rental time consists of actual photo booth time.



How long do you need to set-up?

We will need about 60 minutes prior to your photo booth start time to set-up.


Can I get pictures too?

YES! We have an add-on that can be added to any package for prints! We can provide you with a link that you can share with guests of snapshots from the video footage! We will keep the prints online for 3 months and provide the pictures on a disc for you!


Can my video and prints be password protected?

Of course! Yes, we respect your privacy and can provide passwords for both!